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Bracket Kit: Composite & Stainless Half Fenders


Mounts two Shift Composite Half Fenders w/ internal mounting flange or two Stainless Half Fenders (#171449 & #171450)

Made of 3/8″ Steel

Please note: Bracket kit is used to mount two Shift Products half fenders (discontinued). For mounting on any other fenders, please be aware that custom work will be needed for proper fitment.


We offer our bracket kit for the following suspensions:


  • Low Airleaf (2005+)
  • Low Low Airleaf
  • Flex Air



  • AG400L
  • AG380L
Weight 64 lbs
Suspension Type

Peterbilt Low Airleaf (2005+)/ Kenworth AG400L, Peterbilt Low Low Airleaf, Peterbilt Flex Air/ Kenworth AG380L, Peterbilt Low Airleaf (2005+) (for Stainless Steel Half Fenders)


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We use a Class 8 Mfg. Center Bracket:

Yes, we do offer brackets that can mount Stainless Half Fenders for a Low Airleaf suspension.