There’s a few reasons why fiberglass is a great option when choosing a fender for your rig. 

  • It’s lightweight - which is great for fuel efficiency.
  • It’s durable - fiberglass is flexible making it more superior at absorbing and dissipating impact compared to steel. This minimizes the potential for damage - making it last longer.
  • It looks great and can even be customized for that perfect fit and stance.

Shift Fiberglass Truck Fenders were carefully designed and tested by real truckers on the open road - so you are assured that each fender went through the same road conditions you’ll encounter.

At 25” wide, our Fiberglass Truck Fenders provide enough room even for aggressive drive tires - allowing for improved airflow around the tires to prevent them from overheating during interstate drives.

Also, being extra wide greatly reduces road spray - keeping debris from directly hitting your rig - saving you costly repairs.

Lastly, it helps with rearward visibility, allowing you to navigate your rig with ease when parking at a packed truck stop - or when delivering a load within a limited space.

Shift Products are “made for truckers that give a Shift” - about quality and the look of their road beasts!

Have a look at our Fiberglass Truck Fenders and get your Shift together!

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