Front fenders are one of the first things people notice on your rig - with a perfectly shaped fender enhancing the look and stance of your rig regardless if parked at a truck stop, or clocking miles on the open road.

Sadly, it is also the first part of your truck that comes into contact with road debris - making them a likely candidate for repairs.

Do you drive a Peterbilt rig and are in need of not just a replacement fender, but something that is potentially much better than what you currently have?
Then have a look at our Peterbilt 389 Front Fenders.

Our Peterbilt Front Fenders were designed and tested by real truckers on the open road - so you are assured that each fender went through the same road conditions you’ll encounter.
Our Peterbilt Front Fenders are:

  • 2.5" deeper compared to factory spec outer sidewalls - reducing the gap between fender and tire.
  • Customizable, allowing you to push your outer sidewalls 4" deeper for that custom look and stance.
  • 23lbs in weight per fender, including the fender liner.
  • Available with SHIFT's advanced rubber lining to increase protection from road debris.

Shift Peterbilt 389 Front Fenders are “made for truckers that give a Shift” - about quality and the look of their road beasts!

Have a look at our 389 Front Fenders and get your Shift together!

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