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Big rig chrome accessories are not just about looks, they also serve a practical purpose.

Rigs are constantly exposed to dirt, rain, sun and snow. This continuous interaction between metal parts and the elements results in corrosion - which leads to costly repairs.

Since there is no way of going around this, the sensible option would be to use chrome accessories.

Chrome plating increases the ability of a metal surface to resist corrosion, making it more durable - and visually stunning.

Shift carries big rig chrome accessories that were designed by true blue truckers with years of experience in the industry.

From light and turn signal brackets, air cleaner light bars, down to exhaust shields and sleeper panels, each were made using high quality materials and tested on the open road - so you are assured that each went through the same road conditions you’ll encounter.

Shift Products are “made for truckers that give a Shift” - about quality and the look of their road beasts!

Browse through our big rig chrome accessories and get your Shift together!

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