Undercab Panels Now Available

We are now offering undercab panels with our signature Backlit light style to match our air cleaner bars. The first panels are available for Peterbilt models 379/388/389 with 63" sleepers (that's right, we still call it a 63" sleeper and not a 70"ish sleeper). The panels are made out of true 304 grade stainless steel and each side features 3x 12" lights under the cab and 4x 12" lights under the bunk. That's right, that works out to 14 lights or a total of 168" of downward facing LED's to light your way.

Some notable other features are that they are pre-wired. So you just have to install the panels and then run the plugs up to the firewall for an easy installation. The lights are 3 wire and with a little wiring prowess can be installed to turn on with the opening of the cab doors (they light up on the dim side with the doors and the bright side with the switch. We think it is pretty ballin').

These kits are currently available with Amber, Clear Amber, or Glo Amber lights. You can get them at all of our dealers or give us a call or email.

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